Serving Teachers to Empower Students

ClassTracks is an online vocabulary solution that triples the efficiency of vocabulary practice for English Language Learners and students with Limited English Proficiency.


Import your customized vocabulary list in any language and writing system– with alternate acceptable answers, visuals and audio.


Challenge your students with fun, engaging exercises through our interactive gamified interface. ClassTracks keeps track of student progress, adapts to their needs, and gives immediate feedback.


Get instant, actionable data on each student’s progress and make data-driven decisions to plan your next lesson.

See What Teachers Have To Say

“ClassTracks is minimal work on the teacher’s end, gives beautifully captured data on students and is more rigorous than other teaching platforms, while also providing individualized differentiation when needed. I was pretty blown away.”

- Ms. Tedlock, Scuola Vita Nuava Charter School

“One look and you will see that ClassTracks challenges students through a game-like interface to boost vocabulary and better prepare for every lesson at their own pace. Last year, I had the opportunity to introduce my class members to ClassTracks and I can say with certainty that they engage with the core portion of each class with greater energy and enthusiasm. I can only imagine their growth rate will continue to soar with your help.”

- Dr. Bonner, Buck Lodge Middle School

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